A Publisher With No Place To Publish

In a favorite seaside resort on the south shore of England, a small-scale publisher flourished for a number of years. Priding itself on the premium quality of its own work, the business gained the confidence of authors who came back with second and third novels, guaranteed in the knowledge that every manuscript would be carefully proof-read and edited, an appealing cover designed plus a volume created to the highest standard. Authors were encouraged to phone at the office to go over advertising promotion and together with frequent correspondence over several years; personal relationships were created. Then abruptly without warning, all came to a finish.


It was claimed that economies of scale, homologation of operations, etc. would yield higher efficiency. No reference was made about individuals, and it was difficult to envision that staff resident on the south shore would want to move to an industrial city far to the north. In answer to your direct question, the CEO of the predatory publisher affirmed that none of the staff that was old was being kept. If each of the people were distinct how could it be the same company?

To the majority of people, a company is a group of people within an organisation with a common objective. Synonyms that have been suggested for business are companionship, fellowship and society, all words that are joined with people living or working together with a collective interest or intention. Nevertheless, another dictionary definition of company is ‘an institution created to conduct business.’ It came as a jolt to be presented with all the fact that a business may be only a name that was registered, a legal title that was disembodied.

The predator had acquired its bank account, the company name and most of the contracts with its authors. It had a legal right to enforce all the present contracts and so had procured all the legal documents. Yet one believed that in a moral sense the contracts was broken. Books at an advanced stage of generation were suddenly thrust into the hands of individuals that were new and also goodwill and the trust was lost. Folks: staff and authors, old and new, were of no account in a takeover war in which a firm was only an association created to conduct business.