Home Styling – DIY or Hire a Property Stager

When it comes to selling a pre-owned house, there are two main things you need to do. First, you need to look for a real estate agent. The real estate agent understands the local market and has a list of prospective buyers and the kind of house they are looking for in the market. Therefore, it is easy for a real estate agent to connect you to a buyer. Also, they know the market price of different properties and will advise you accordingly. However, before you look for a real estate agent, you must ensure that your home is ready for sale. The second thing is property styling or home staging. It is where you prepare the house and ensure that it looks its best to attract many prospective buyers and make a good deal out of your investment.


When it comes to property styling, you can either do it alone or hire a professional home stager. The process of staging a property is natural if you know what areas to address and what prospective buyers are looking for these days. Therefore, it is possible to do it alone. But where do you start? Well, assume you are a buyer, what would you be looking at in your dream family house? Once you answer this question, you will know where to start. For example, you will be looking for a spacious house. In this case, you need to set or arrange furniture in your home to make it look roomy even if it is not that spacious.


With furniture, you can rent furniture or use your furniture depending on their condition. You should also consider restoring the paint and the floor. Also, ensure that you remove all personal items like portraits, family pictures, etc. No buyer wants to buy a home with personal items. Besides working on your interior, you should also ensure that your outdoor space is attractive to create a good impression. Ensure that the lawn, flowers, and shrubs are in good condition. If you have outdoor structures, ensure they are in good shape as this will go a long way into attracting prospective buyers and adding value to your property.



The whole process of home styling is not easy for any DIY enthusiast. You will end up making mistakes and spending money unnecessarily as you do not know what buyers are looking for these days. On the other hand, if you hire Dressed For Sale home staging experts, you can be sure that they understand what clients are looking for and will stage your property towards meeting those needs. For example, they have quality furniture which they source from the best market players to ensure that your home gets that extra treatment to attract potential buyers. They will as well ensure that every aspect of the interior and exterior of your house is well staged to suit the buyers’ needs. The best part is that they offer affordable and discounted prices. All you need is consult them, get a quote and them have them stage your property. It is a worthy investment as they add value to your property.