Producing Quality Bale Silage

When farmers harvest fodder crops, they need to preserve and store them for future use. By doing so, they ensure that their livestock has enough feeds even during winter. Storing feeds is an added advantage in that a farmer can generate income by selling the excess feeds during the dry season when even the livestock produce is less which means less income.

The most current and trending way of storing fodder crops is ensiling them in a silage wraps. Silage wrap is an alternative to storing the hay harvest in silos. The silage wraps functions almost the same as silage pits only that the silage wrap can easily be moved, and it has an added advantage in that the ensiled silage is of high quality as compared to the silage found in silage pits.

The goal of ensiling the harvested fodder is to conserve and store the crop nutrients and to minimize the losses from the time of harvesting until feeding. Silage has the benefit of being a home-produced feed whereby the farmer is 100% sure of its content. Homemade silage is clean and natural with traceability and very cost to the farmer. Meat and milk production is mainly based on the conserved feeds fed during long winter period indoors. The agricultural standards of late have increased the cost of housing the livestock. To meet these added costs and other economic barriers, farmers need to improve the production per animal and improve the feeding strategies. The hygienic quality and nutritive value of feed are of great importance.

silage wrapBenefits of producing high quality bale silage.

While silage production is not a new technique; it has been there for a long time, and many used the pit silage technique. Baling, on the other hand, is a new technique introduced like a decade ago. It means that there are opportunities to increase the value it provides to the average farmer.

These improvements can be easily achieved in the nutritional quality of the stored silage and the retention of the conserved crop’s value. The film silage wrap used to cover bales has a major role to play in retaining and maximizing the value and quality.

When silage is prepared correctly with good quality fodder crops and using the recommended equipment and wrap, agricultural research has indicated that the baled silage has more to offer financially and the convenience than any other conservation methods used today. It’s said that even larger farms can leap this benefits of using silage wraps over other methods they tend to use. The benefits are clear, and you as a farmer should get these products from reputable companies and start enjoying the benefits. Never compromise, always buy the best.