The Master Control Of An Opening Roof

Have you ever imagined controlling the weather on your patio? With sun louvres your dreams can become a reality. With a simple press of the button, you will have complete control. Eclipse Company offer beautiful Louvers that let in natural light and cool breezes. You can also angle them to catch down the warmth of winter sun or press the close button to protect you from hot summer or rain as well as other harsh weather conditions.

The louvers also come with integrated sensors that automatically close your roof when it starts to rain. This creative design and sensors will help your house to have natural sunlight and fresh air when you are at home or away. With the smart sensors, the open roof will close automatically in case of extreme weather conditions such as strong wind or rain that may destroy some of your valuable household items. The eclipse Louvre and opening roof provide you with natural ventilation over the spas and swimming pools all the year round. At the touch of the button, set the Louvre you wish and control your roof to enjoy the convenience.


Take the advantage of eclipse sun Louvre and enjoy a stylish shade, pergolas in Adelaide and privacy system. The Eclipses Company is committed to providing you with elegant shading while keeping your desired privacy. You can easily use the Louvres in both vertical and horizontal format in either operable or fixed state. This means that you can install these Louvers to fit any pattern that you have in mind. The company also offers a wide variety of Louvres design for you to select the one the suits your needs. The shade systems also come in a wide variety of sizes, helping you to select the length that you need.

With Eclipse Louvre, your privacy is protected. These Louvres will help you to keep your balcony, outdoor area or any other special retreat private without having to sacrifice your views. With the availability of operable and fixed aluminium Louvre options, you will save lots of cooling and heating expenses. The aluminium Louvres are environmentally friendly and lets you allow for warmth during the winters well as to block out the harsh summer heat.

If you are looking for Louvre system that allows total design freedom, Eclipse Aluminium Louvre is the best option. You can decide to move them manually by hands, use an automatic motor, or fix them to meet your personal taste and preference. Just visit louvrehouse and or visit any of eclipses approved distributor in Adelaide and enjoy cool interiors and exteriors.