The Versatile Nature Of Granny Flats

Other than adding more living space and enhancing the appeal of your landscape, there are plenty of other reasons that have made granny flats in Adelaide popular. Continue reading to find out why there is a growing popularity of granny flats.

Having a home you can call your own is an important factor to your well-being. Unfortunately, most elderly people are forced into selling their homes and move into smaller homes due to increased medical costs. Some of the senior citizens move in with their families while some go to retirement villages, homes and hospices. However, there are some elderly people who prefer to enjoy their independence and as such do not mind living in their preferred nursing facilities. In such a situation, a granny flat comes in handy.


Granny flats were initially used as structures for housing disabled or ageing parents to give them some level of independence even as they enjoyed the company of close family members within the same family property. However, more homeowners are becoming creative, and this is exhibited in their current use of granny flats. Nowadays, they are popularly used as home offices or workshops while other people have transformed them into rooms for engaging in different hobbies.

As secondary suites, granny flats have quickly grown in popularity for the simple reason that they are less costly and require minimal maintenance, unlike traditional homes. They can either be built in the backyard or even over an existing garage, although it has to adhere to building codes and zoning requirements. Even though granny flats present numerous benefits and many conveniences, careful thought is necessary since it may not be an option for everyone.

The designs of granny flats vary greatly from one region to another. Furthermore, their intended use also greatly influences the design aspects. In most cases, the granny flat is smaller than the main house. The majority of granny flats built today have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with an open plan and a living area.


Granny flats Adelaide are well-liked and constructed by many homeowners today for many reasons as outlined above. The versatile nature of the granny flat is what makes it greatly appealing to the modern family. Even though they were previously used decades ago solely for housing ageing or disabled parents, they have many other uses today which make them a good investment. Before constructing one, consider your needs and determine whether or not it suits your property.