When To Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

When you face a criminal accusation, it is enough for you to convince yourself to hire a criminal defence lawyer. At first, you probably think that you can defend yourself since you are innocent. Well, that’s the tough part of the criminal justice system. Yes, an accused is always presumed innocent unless proven otherwise in the court of law. But are you willing to take that risk of trying to make do with your confidence?

Know that there are specific scenarios that warrant the need to hire a top criminal lawyer Adelaide. Say what you want about your innocence or the fact that you do not have anything to hide – you will realise that even trumped up charges could put you in danger of landing in jail. Know that a criminal conviction is a dent in your life and you never will be able to expunge it. It will be with you forever, and it usually means losing job opportunities. So, here are the harsh realities telling you that the best response is to hire a defence attorney:


  1. You are ignorant of the law.

No, you cannot fully comprehend the law even if you spend an entire night ‘googling’ it. The reason why criminal defence attorneys are in demand is that there are only a few of them out there who knows about criminal law at the back of their heads. Keep in mind that being charged with a crime means you may lose your freedom forever, and the only choice you have left is to hire someone who knows the law that relates to your case.



  1. There are a lot of emotions involved in the case.

As someone who is facing criminal charges, you get emotional about it for the fear that you will end up rotting in jail. The emotions running through your veins will make you irrational when it comes to making decisions. So, another reason why it makes complete sense to work with a top criminal lawyer Adelaide is that this individual has an objective approach to the case. He or she does not have any emotional attachments to it, save for the fact that he or she wants to help you get justice.


  1. It is the first time they charged you with a crime.

You should work with a criminal defence attorney if you find yourself accused of a crime for the first time in your life. The reason is that judges tend to push harder on first-time offenders to knock sense to their heads and prevent the development of criminal behaviour. Even though you consider yourself as innocent, that’s not the case in the eyes of many people. Therefore, you still must find a way to put up a successful defence in court, and the only solution is to tap the services of a competent criminal defence lawyer.