Is Your Window Glass in Need of Replacement?

As a responsible homeowner, you must acknowledge the fact that you need to replace your old window glass sooner or later. It is a home repair and improvement project that you need to face, whether you like it or not. You see, the windows in your property play a crucial role in helping you control temperature, invite or block light, and promote better insulation. Now if the window glass Adelaide is damaged, broken, or compromised in one way or another, you must be there to figure out if it needs replacement. In this article, we discuss the signs that your window glass needs replacement.


1 – There are visible signs of damage.


The most definite sign that you already need to replace your windows is if it is smashed or broken. However, there are also some instances where windows get damaged due to extreme weather or old age causing them to warp and allow drafts in. Although repairs are possible, it might be more practical in the long run to have it entirely replaced.


2 – The windows are performing poorly.


Some of the signs that your windows no longer perform in a way it should be are if it is already sticking, shutting on its own, and if it excessively features fogging up between the glass panels. Fog or condensation between each of the window panes might indicate that your double glazing is not working any longer, as the gap must act as a vacuum not allowing air to come in any time. No doubt, your home will quickly lose its heat. In this case, consider the services of window glass Adelaide replacement specialists to provide the ideal solution.


3 – You are paying high energy bills.


Undoubtedly, the reason why you experience an increase in energy bills today is the fact that the double glazing you installed is no longer active due to age or you might don’t have one at home. Old windows can raise your energy bills by up to 20%. You will get energy increase, and heating bills will boost most especially during winter season. Your spending on both heating and cooling will surely dramatically decrease throughout the year if you install energy-efficient double glazing. Not only that but also the selling value of your home will also significantly increase.



4 – You notice rotting or cracked frames.


Not only your home will look less appealing if you have worn-out window frames, but it will make your home less secure and less effective in supplementing your needs as well. If your frames can’t be repaired with simple wiping down and some painting, the perfect solution to the problem might be a replacement. Getting it replaced altogether could save you from spending constant costly repairs because the more you will neglect it, the more it gets damaged over time.