What Is a Speech Pathologist?

A Speech Pathologist is a healthcare professional who specialises in studying and treating communication disorders. A speech pathologist is also known as a speech therapist or a speech-language pathologist. The field of speech pathology is vast, and the field of work requires many skills. To become a speech pathologist, you must complete a master’s degree or have obtained an equivalent diploma. You can also choose to specialise in an area.

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The field of speech pathology is vast, with opportunities for experienced professionals and those just starting. Many speech pathologists work with children, and their duties include teaching young children with various types of speech and language disorders. Besides being compassionate and patient, a speech pathologist must be well-organised and time-efficient.

The employment outlook for speech pathologist Adelaide is excellent, with projected job growth of almost 27 per cent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the national average. This rise in employment is attributed to two major market forces: the aging baby boomer population and the increasing number of individuals with apraxia disorders and brain injuries. Moreover, there is a demand for speech-language pathologists who can evaluate and treat children with disabilities like autism.


Salaries for speech-language pathologists are competitive and can range from $36,766 to $78,000 per year. For example, in Pennsylvania, speech-language pathologists make between $30,410 and $98,633 a year. In Illinois, a speech-language pathologist can earn between $48,303 and $81,054 annually. In Georgia, salaries are slightly higher at $48,303 to $81,080 per year. The top 25 per cent of speech-language pathologists earn approximately $102,900 annually.

When calculating a speech-language pathologist’s salary, it is helpful to look at the salaries of similar positions in the exact location. While the National Average is based on national data, state salaries may vary. States with a higher average salary than the national average pay more than half of what they pay elsewhere. As with any profession, a speech-language pathologist should consider the costs of living and the average salary for that location.

Education required

The education required for a career as a speech pathologist Adelaide depends on state regulations. The minimum educational requirements are usually found in the state’s licensing regulations. Some states require speech pathologists to obtain a doctorate in speech-language pathology. This degree is often obtained through a PhD program or a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. In many states, a doctorate in speech-language pathology is not required for licensure, but it is strongly recommended for those seeking to become clinical educators and researchers.

After completing an undergraduate degree, a speech-language pathologist must complete a clinical fellowship. These fellowships are intended to train future speech-language pathologists in clinical practice. Most speech-language pathology master’s programs allow students to work while in school. Some require on-campus practicums, while others require practicum hours spread out over several weeks or days. A graduate degree in speech-language pathology requires a specific number of practicum hours.


Speech-language pathologists are medical professionals who specialise in various areas. These professionals may focus on diagnosing and treating speech and hearing disorders or related diseases. The role of a speech pathologist varies widely, depending on their training and the type of work they do. However, their training is based on similar scientific principles. Below are some examples of the specialisations of a speech pathologist. First, let’s take a closer look at the different areas they may focus on.

Graduates of a degree program in Speech-Language Pathology are prepared to practice in various settings. This career field involves treating patients from all walks of life and under diverse circumstances. This career choice requires a great deal of empathy and a scientific mindset. Speech-language pathology specialists are often found in schools, hospitals, and private practices. However, several requirements exist in any setting to be an influential speech pathologist.

Job duties

A speech pathologist performs various vital duties, varying from setting to setting. While schools are one of speech pathologists’ most common work environments, they can also find work in hospitals and nursing care facilities. While most work in school, speech pathologists consult with doctors, parents, and teachers. Some work in multiple schools and may travel within a school district. Their schedules typically revolve around regular school hours.