Valuable Tips on How to Order Your Custom Furniture

A custom piece of furniture can be what you need exactly for your home if you cannot find it in a catalogue or a showroom. A piece of furniture must suit an odd-shaped or sized room, or one that particularly pleases your tastes.


Your question of Where to Find Custom Made Furniture Adelaide should only be secondary to knowing how to order your piece. A furniture builder should be able to coordinate the patterns and fabric colours of your place with other pieces already in the house or create bespoke accessories that will suit your space.


When you are ready to order custom furniture, here are some essential tips to keep in mind so that you know that the pieces you will receive will satisfy you for years to come.




Custom-made furniture can be of any size, but you will need to check many details when choosing its dimensions, and that includes the necessary clearance to walk around the piece of furniture, space required to set it up, and also to move the furniture in the room where it will stay. For instance, are there curtains in the room or any obstacle that could make it challenging during the fitting? Indeed, what would you do with a piece of furniture that cannot even pass the doors of your house! So use a painter’s tape to set the desired width, height, and depth for specific pieces of furniture in a room, and measure all the doors it has to go through before deciding on the size of your piece of furniture.



Always Get a Fabric Sample


It is crucial to know the feel of the fabric you choose for upholstered furniture if that is what you are ordering. Some materials may be a little rough, and some fabrics may end up too thin for its purpose. They may consequently not be the right choice for homes with children or pets as they all can easily damage upholstered furniture!


You may also find that some shades of colours may not match your desired result, or that they do not complement the tone of the wall the other rooms in the house. Have a generous-sized sample, sent to you, if you cannot see and touch it in person.



Maintenance Know-How


Some wood species are quite dense and do not take to varnish well but instead collects it on the surface of the wood – creating messy streaks. Some upholstery cleaners may also be too hard for delicate fabrics. Whatever the case, always ask the builder about cleaning, repair and other maintenance of your custom furniture, so that they give you satisfaction for many, many years.


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