The Importance of Entertainment Rigging

Have you ever been to a Lady Gaga concert? Did you notice all of those props and performers swinging around and about during the entire event? These are the works of entertainment rigging. In the entertainment industry, rigging involves hanging accessories and people up in the air to be used later on, as well as to maximise the space available on the stage. It can be broken down into two main subjects, theatrical rigging, and arena rigging. The former, as the name implies, takes place in a theatre, involving its fly system. The latter is in an arena, also called an “exposed structure venue.” Examples of this is a convention centre, ballroom warehouse, outdoor stage, and more. In this article, we’re going to talk about why entertainment rigging is so essential.


Entertainment Rigging Is an Overlook Art


Rigging is often an element of high-quality events and stage performances that goes unseen by most audiences. Structures and features that are suspended from the ceilings or wall are put in place by riggers. Whether it be stage lights, speakers, decorations, or other relevant materials, rigging is integral to any event. As stage design tends to become more bizarre and bands become more eccentric, the role of the rigging team becomes more vital towards the overall success of the event.



Highly Skilled Professional Riggers


As mentioned above, there are two types of event rigging: theatrical and arena. However, the same skills apply in both of these categories. Riggers are adept at working for both mediums without many problems. Riggers are highly skilled and trained professionals. Event rigging is a complicated task, but event riggers have mastered this art and are very confident in their craft. They carry out even the more complex rigging jobs with ease. That’s why if you’re planning to incorporate entertainment rigging to your event, then you need the help of a professional event rigging team to make the right preparations and make sure everything is in place.



Entertainment rigging is essential in any event. Whether it’s a concert, a DJ performance, or a prestigious competition, every event will benefit from event rigging. Riggers are adept at carrying out even the most complex and bespoke tasks. They will take the challenge whether it’s big or small. If you’re looking for professional rigging services, then you need to hire an experienced and reliable rigging company that utilises only the most skilled rigging experts.


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