Wedding Venues – Choosing the Right Location

Function venues provide an array of choices depending on their design, capacity for holding large numbers of people, and of course, their cost as well. Be sure to know how many guests are expected to come in and what type of occasion you’ll be organising. For example, if your wedding is just between two couples, then there’s no need to pay for a function venue with a capacity for hundreds or thousands of people. On the other hand, if you’re having a corporate party with clients, you would most likely want a function venue with spacious rooms, several conference rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, etc. So first, make a list of the exact purpose of the venue, and then prioritise based on that.


Wedding function venues Adelaide can be divided into two categories, the ones that cater to weddings only and the ones that also cater to corporate events. The first category has plenty of choices, as many venues can handle both wedding parties and corporate affairs. However, if your wedding will be a special one, make sure it is booked well in advance so that it won’t fill up. When selecting a wedding function venue, always consider the space you have available, as well as the number of people who are invited. If you’re having a large wedding, you may want to talk with the venue’s owner before deciding on the best arrangement, but if you’re planning a small wedding, all you need is to communicate with the venue’s owner and ask them for advice. Finally, always make sure the place you’ll rent has all the facilities you expect, including the basic ones like running water.

Catering function venues offer plenty of variety, depending on their menus, services, themes, etc. First, find out what types of food the venue offers because that will make your preparation easier. Also, find out what they can offer you according to your budget because you don’t want to end up paying too much to have fun at your wedding! Once you’ve decided on a theme for your wedding, ask the venue owner if they offer wedding planner services, so you can hire someone to manage everything for you. A wedding planner will help you plan and organise your event, from invitations to favours, from the reception to the dancing, from the decor to the wedding cake, even down to the gift you’ll give your guests.

Wedding function venues that cater to corporate events often have their in-house event planners, so it won’t be a problem to find one who can provide the services you need. Corporate functions can range from cocktail parties to meetings with clients and staff, so you’ll need someone to coordinate everything from the venue’s catering to the reception and even down to the gift you’ll give your guests. Ask if the wedding function venues offer anything extra like pre-wedding programs or personalised favours, so you can personalise your event and make it more memorable for your guests.

One concern about wedding venues is their parking spaces. Most function venues have plenty of parking space and valet parking available, but you’ll also want to check out their rates. This is especially important if your venue is on a busy street because if you’re having your wedding a few blocks from your home, you’ll want to be able to get to your hotel room quickly. Be sure that the venue you choose offers excellent customer service, has lots of parking space, has convenient entrance and exits, and has plenty of valet parking available for guests who need it.

If you’re looking for function venues that also offer corporate events, think about conference facilities as well. Conference venues can offer everything your business needs to run a successful conference, including tables, chairs, lighting, sound, AV equipment, computers and other technical items. Ask the event venue manager how many conference venues are available, what types of seating are available, whether any portable meeting rooms are available if they offer portable seating for mobiles and laptops, and what services they provide. If you’re planning a major convention or seminar, look for a venue with all of these services.