Why You Should Hire Palm Tree Removals Brisbane

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The Upsides & Downsides Of Palm Trees

Palm trees are absolute beauties! They offer your landscaping a fresh, tropical look, boosting your home’s overall value and attractiveness. They also provide useful aspects such as providing shade during the summer months, as well as an effective flood stopper during the rainy season. They also require very minimal maintenance, as they possess the ability to “self-clean” themselves through shedding their old fronds and seeds. All of these qualities make palm trees a very beneficial tree to have at home.


However, while palm trees provide some notable advantages, they also present many downsides, especially when they become old and start to deteriorate. For one, an old and worn out palm tree isn’t attractive to look at anymore. Its once-strong leaves are now weak can easily fall out, which could cause danger to anyone standing underneath the palm tree. Old palm trees can also be home to different pests that can damage your entire lawn if left unchecked.


The fronds and seeds of old palm trees will start shedding, which attracts fruit bats that can be unpleasant to have. Germination is also a possible risk which can damage your garden. All of these problems stem from poor palm maintenance. Yes, we did mention palms being low maintenance. However, they still need adequate maintenance nonetheless to avoid them from deteriorating faster.


Hire Palm Tree Removal Brisbane

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