What Does a Professional Podiatrist Adelaide Do?

Podiatrists, or general physicians who specialize in foot and ankle health, treat various ailments in the feet. They are recognized by their licenses from the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and the American College of Surgeons. A podiatrist Adelaide treats common foot ailments including corns, calluses, warts, ingrown, bunions, hammer toe, pours, mallet toes, hallux Limitus, and fractures. A podiatrist may refer patients to a general physician for specialized treatment, prescribe medications, or refer their patients to an orthopedic surgeon for surgical procedures.

Podiatrist AdelaideThe primary task of a podiatrist is to diagnose, treat, and prevent various foot problems. A podiatrist treats a wide range of conditions, but their specialty is foot issues. In addition to treating common foot problems, a podiatrist examines X-rays, takes casts of feet, and orders laboratory tests for conditions such as arthritis, bone fractures, and fractures of the vertebrae. Some podiatrists perform surgery and may do orthopedic surgeries. A podiatrist treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the spinal cord, internal organs, and the nervous system.

A professional podiatrist treats heel pain, a painful nerve in the heel that interferes with walking, using physical therapy and prescription medications. Heel pain is one of the most common complaints among podiatrists. Many long-term treatments are prescribed for heel pain. Among these treatments are custom orthotics, steroid injections, and interventional procedures.

A podiatrist can diagnose and treat many other foot problems, some of which are not related to feet at all. For instance, a podiatrist can treat such conditions as shingles, a disease that results from a rash on the face and around the nose. He can also treat fungal skin infections of the feet that can cause pain when walking. A podiatrist Adelaide, can also diagnose and treat conditions that do not involve feet at all but can be painful and frustrating. He can treat such conditions as plantar fasciitis, which causes inflammation and pain in the heel; ingrown toenails caused by a small toenail growing into a thick toenail; and bunionettes, large bunions, that occur on the ball of the foot.

The field of podiatry is a very diverse one. Some podiatrists specialize in sports injuries, while others focus on general medicine. Most podiatrists have private practices and perform outpatient services. Most of them communicate well with patients and provide effective treatment for foot and ankle problems, although more serious foot problems, such as congenital heart disease, require hospitalization.

Podiatry comes with a high cost. It is because it involves surgery, which is quite expensive. The best way to cut down on costs is to see if your general physician takes your foot problems seriously and does what it takes to prevent recurrences. Your primary care doctor may refer you to a podiatrist Adelaide if you experience chronic foot problems or if you notice an ingrown toenail. Often, patients can get these problems taken care of at home without going to the hospital. However, if you do need to go to the hospital, many podiatrists offer extensive emergency care, including surgical procedures if necessary.