Why You Must Consider Building a Granny Flat

A granny flat is a separate living area designed for one or two persons. Its ideal location is on the ground level of a single-family house. These structures are called granny flats because it is one way to offer accommodation to senior people. Often in the building industry, granny flats Adelaide are known as accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit.


If you’re wondering why  a granny flat, well, many benefits come with owning a granny flat. The first and most indisputable benefit is that you can offer your aging parents or relatives a safe and private residence. Since a granny flat is not attached to the main house, the aging parents will have their privacy and will enjoy being under your care with no compromise on their privacy. If you do not have aging parents or relatives, you can as well allocate the space to your teenage boys who have just joined college. At this ages, your son needs some privacy, and a granny flat would be an ideal space for them before they graduate, get a job and move out.



Another benefit of granny flats is income generation. With granny flat, you can easily rent it out to a newly wedded couple and generate some income. A young family will fit in a granny flat, and they will have their freedom and privacy. It is an ideal home for starting families as the granny flat is self-contained and is also affordable. Therefore, with one in your property, you can be sure to make some money out of that investment.


The other and most important benefit of having a granny flat is the value addition. Just like any other structure in your home, these in-law apartments will add value to your property. When prospective house buyers are looking for homes for sale, everyone desires unique features before committing their money. Therefore, you can be sure that a house with a granny flat will attract more buyers and you will get value for your investment as you have bargaining powers.


When building granny flats Adelaide, you should always ensure that you hire the best home builders. A granny flat is not an easy project for DIY enthusiasts. Also, it is not a project for newbie builders. You will be investing a fortune, and so it is only fair to have the right hands on your project. You can find the ideal granny flat builder by talking to other people in the neighbourhood who have recently built a granny flat, or you can research online. The bottom line is hiring professional hands with years of experience in the building industry more so when it comes to designing and building such structures.