How to Find a Competent Driving Instructor

Anyone who hopes to become a licenced driver has the liberty to train with the help of a friend or relative, or perhaps take some driving lessons administered by a professional. If you wish to follow the former, then you can do so provided that your friend or relative has an Australian unrestricted Class C driver’s licence. If your instructor doesn’t have that, then your driving lessons are useless.

Even if your friend or relative has the necessary licence, that doesn’t change the potential of you developing some bad driving habits. The reason is that those who teach others how to drive but without proper training themselves are borderline incompetent. There’s what we call as “formative” stages of driving training where you get to learn a ton of stuff other than knowing how to drive a car. This includes eliminating bad habits, building patience, and improving one’s self-confidence. Most importantly, enrolling in an official driving school VIC means you will learn the traffic rules and laws in your locality.

Finding the Best Driving Instructor

Although anyone who knows how to drive can be an instructor per se, it doesn’t mean that everyone is qualified. For most regions in Australia, an individual can be eligible as a driving instructor if he or she is at least 21 years old, holds a driving licence for a relevant vehicle type, and has been a holder of that licence for at least three years.

Furthermore, a driving school VIC only accepts an instructor who passed the national police and traffic checks and the appropriate medical examination. It means that he or she ought to be physically fit.

Two laws govern the licencing and qualifications of driving instructors – these are the Driving Instructors Act of 1992 and the Driving Instructors Regulation of 2003. These two provide that any individual who teaches another individual to drive in exchange for money must be equipped with an instructor’s licence.

You can go the extra mile by asking for feedback and service records if the driving instructor is a member of an organisation. Several driving school associations in the country maintain a high standard of ethics and service. If the instructor is a member of those organisations, that’s a good sign of his or her competency.

The most competent driving instructors come equipped with the necessary vehicles that address the specific needs of every student driver. For the most part, driving schools have a car that’s fitted with dual controls so they can take over the control of it in case of an emergency, i.e., impending crash. Find out if the instructor offers both manual and automatic transmissions.

Lastly, the best driving instructors must offer course guidelines as well as supporting educational materials to make the lessons as comprehensive as possible. Every lesson must be versatile enough to fit your needs and your goals in enrolling in driving school. A caring and reliable driving instructor will do his or her best to make your training sessions as smooth and seamless as possible.