Is Tree Stump Removal Important?

Removing a stump is something not many homeowners think about after successfully cutting an old and overgrown tree. At first, it looks harmless,and you feel like you can get on with your life without worrying about it. However, the failure to get rid of the stump could very well cause an injury to someone, not to mention the fact that its presence is unpleasant to the eyes.

So, if you happen to have a stump on your property, you must seriously consider tapping the services of a stump removal Adelaide company, and listed below are the reasons why it is something you should focus on doing.

Liability Issue

If you have kids or pets at home and they spend much time playing in the yard, the presence of the stump puts them in danger of getting injured. When the kids run fast and have lots of fun, they might forget about the stump and trip on it, causing severe injury in the process. Furthermore, the stump likewise makes it very difficult for you to mow the lawn since you have to go around it all the time. When grass covers the stump, you even might entirely forget that it is there and there is a potential to figure in an accident with your lawnmower.

Generating New Growth

Aside from the risk of accidents and injuries, you also must contemplate on hiring a stump removal Adelaide to prevent continued growth. It is wrong to assume that if you regularly cut the physical growth on top of the trump like small leaves, it will not grow further. What you do not know is that the roots continue to spread, which in turn could reach to your sewage system or the plumbing components. If that happens, disaster is on its way.

Pest Infestation

Stump Removal AdelaideIf those two reasons above do not convince you to hire a professional for removing a stump on your property, the third one should be more than enough. You probably do not know it but tree stumps are an ideal place for insects, pests, and other vermin to live and thrive. To be specific, termites and carpenter ants love the idea of building a colony in wood, and a stump is like a paradise for them. So, if you continue ignoring the stump, you most likely will face a termite or ant infestation in your home.

By looking at those reasons above, you realise by now that tree stump removal is indeed essential, both for the safety of everyone and to prevent the likelihood of pest infestation. You also must understand that without the stump, you can do whatever you want with the extra space in your yard.