AEG Tool Box

An AEG tool box is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of equipment in modern military technology. Its usage is not limited to battlefields and war zones but has found wide application on a variety of commercial bases as well. AEG’s popularity is due primarily to its portability and its ease of use. An AEG can be used to conduct both airsoft and paintball games, though there are differences between the two sports’ play. For a military unit, an AEG is an indispensable part of their arsenal, and it is for this reason that this article will focus on the AEG toolbox.


aeg toolboxAn AEG is an air-powered automatic gun that fires shots from a handheld or remote-control device. The primary component of an AEG is its main drum magazine which contains rounds of ammunition. This magazine can be manually loaded by moving it back inside the drum, which requires strength of will and coordination. The standard AEG has three major parts: the outer barrel with pinions and vertical stabilizers, the mainspring inside, and the abs plastic handles and magazine. Buy quality AEG products at


The next component to an AEG is its accessory box. This box is located in a dedicated area in the front of the gun and usually holds at least one extra AEG accessory. Accessories include different magazines, laser emitters, scopes, laser pointers, and the like. Some AEGs feature metal latches that enable the user to lock the weapon when not in use; however, all AEGs lock by means of simple push buttons.


The last major component of an AEG is its bolt carrier assembly. It holds the bolt tightly against the barrel, preventing slippage. This is one of the most important sections of an AEG and is easily distinguishable from an automatic gun’s bolt. The AEG carrier uses a metal tube with a large screw on its end. This tube is what the user inserts into the back of the gun’s barrel, holds the bolt tightly, and allows it to be drawn and locked tightly against the barrel. Buy quality AEG products at


Despite its importance, the AEG toolbox isn’t seen very often. The reason is that most guns feature a metal latch on the back of the weapon to prevent accidental firing. Many AEGs do not feature metal latches and instead have flat surface panels that lock into place with the use of magnets. This type of AEG is less popular than its metal-latch counterpart, but it is more durable and much easier to repair.


When deciding on which AEG to purchase, make sure you get a model that comes with a protective box. This box will come in handy if you accidentally drop your gun and break it. You’ll also want to invest in a good quality case to protect your gun’s internals if it were to get dropped or banged up on the field. A well-constructed gun’s box is essential to the proper functioning of an AEG. Buy quality AEG products at